Real estate marketing has come a long way from newspapers and billboards. Realtors can do so many places online that can help them get sales they would never have imagined. If you want to learn a bit more about marketing real estate, do’s, and don’t, then have a look at this great list to help you out.

Real Estate Marketing Do: Add plenty of details

When real estate ads are placed in newspapers, you often have to pay per word or by the size of the article, but with the internet, you have unlimited space to tell the potential buyers about all the great features. Include as much as you can about the home, and make sure you upload as many photos as you have, as people love to see the house or property from every angle. You should also do some research into what amenities surround the home (schools, hospitals, major attractions, etc.) so you can appeal to the out-of-town market.

There are plenty of great buzzwords that people look for when it comes to home, so you can also look up common SEO (search engine optimization) terms that people in your area are looking for. You might find that people are looking for specific things, and you can add those terms to your ad to make sure it’s the first thing that comes up when they search.

Real Estate Marketing Don’t: Don’t limit yourself

Another thing that limits old-school real estate advertising is the location. It became challenging to generate out-of-town sales from a newspaper ad, but now you can advertise your home online and reach people worldwide with the click of a button. Advertise your home on a regular real estate website but make sure you push it on social media too by using Facebook, Instagram, or even Tik Tok by making some good content that shows off the property.

Many agents also run their own real estate blog that allows them to post about the homes you have for sale and advertise upcoming properties. They also showcase home-related articles from time to time that your followers can easily share to bring in new traffic to your page.

Real Estate Marketing Do: Do use technology to your advantage

We already mentioned how using social media is a great way to show off the property you are trying to sell, but you need to make sure you have the best content possible in order to make the ad look tempting. Hiring a professional photographer might sound like too much, but some tech-friendly photographers have access to equipment like drones or 360-degree cameras that can allow you to get the best parts of the property on camera.

After the pandemic made walk-throughs obsolete, many agents made do by creating virtual walk-throughs or tours that potential buyers can see from the comfort of their own homes, and it’s made selling a breeze. It’s also ideal for showing off the whole property to out-of-town buyers that might not have the time to travel just to see what the home looks like. Many home sales have started to become completely online, and it’s good to get used to cameras and other technology that you will likely need to be using in the future.

Real Estate Marketing Don’t: Don’t skimp on staging

Staging the home isn’t ideal for every single sale, but if you feel like the home can benefit from some extra luxury, then it’s worth it to pay the additional amount. Staging typically costs a few hundred for the initial consultation, then an extra charge for every room that needs to be staged, so it can end up costing you a couple thousand by the time you are done.

Homes that have been staged typically sell for 88% faster, and they sell for 20% more, so the cost is nothing compared to the extra money you will get from selling your staged home. Even if you stage it one day for good photos or an open house, it’s definitely worth it.

Real Estate Marketing Do: Do make yourself available

You used to have just a phone number and an office where potential buyers could reach you, but now you have all of the communication you need right at your fingertips. Many people have started to prefer to do their communications through text, email, or messaging, so it’s a good idea to make yourself as available as possible. Add your email address and phone number to your ads but specify that you are able to communicate through text so people don’t feel too intimidated to call you.

You should also make sure that all of your social media has a messaging option and look for an app that can forward you all of the messages to one spot, so you don’t need to worry about checking each one all of the time. This way, you will never miss a potential customer.

Real Estate Marketing Don’t: Don’t stop looking for places to advertise

Make sure you are advertising in as many places as possible, including major classified websites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace but go beyond that if you want to reach a large pool of people. Real estate pages on social media are a great place to advertise to those who are actively looking for a home but if you want to cover all your bases, consider joining some local groups that aren’t based on real estate.

Many towns have smaller Facebook groups where people can ask for advice or about the city. You can look for niche groups, like groups for parents, local business owners, or local “what’s happening” groups that you can join to find people who are asking others about potentially selling or buying a home. These are great places to find people who have questions about the process but aren’t quite ready to ask a realtor about it in a professional capacity.

Real Estate Marketing Do: Go with the trends

Real Estate Marketing Do_ Go with the trends

Some of the best sales come from posts that have locally gone “viral” and become shared all over the world. Creating a small amount of good content is much more important than constantly putting out the boring stuff. Look for fun trends you can use for your posts, videos, and online campaigns that will make your content shareable.

We mentioned how some agents have been turning to newer social media platforms like Tik Tok to advertise their properties, and it’s become a great way to reach a new market. The app is easy to use, and viewers can easily share the content on other websites. It’s a good idea to keep up with the latest ideas and fun video trends to show buyers that you are a modern seller.

Real estate Don’t: Don’t put all of your advertising eggs in one basket.

If you are looking to start a marketing campaign with a company, then you need to make sure you are getting as much content as you need. It can be hard to predict the ROI for the money you put into the campaign, but most advertising experts will be able to let you know what kind of traffic your posts will likely receive.

A social media manager is one of the best ways to ensure your social media pages are up to date, running, and getting new traffic daily. They are experts and understand what kinds of posts will get interaction, and they can be a valuable asset to your work. They are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to advertising your business in 2022.

There are so many things you need to consider if you want to start upgrading your real estate marketing strategy. Make sure you stay ahead of the game and put out high-quality content so people will enjoy seeing everything new you put out. Marketing your real estate is easy if you know how to utilize the sources you have in the right way, and it can be a great way to get a larger pool of potential buyers or sellers.

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