When looking into purchasing a laptop, there’s lots to consider. However, something many people gloss over is what kind of laptop they’re actually purchasing. Knowing this helps you determine what the main strengths of the laptop are, and therefore whether it’s best suited to your needs. Here’s a rundown of types of laptops, so you can know which one to choose.

Notebook Laptops

Many people often interchangeably use the terms “notebook” and “laptop”, but these are not the same thing! Notebook is a specific category of laptop, and it’s important to know the difference to avoid being disappointed.

The biggest difference between your standard laptop and a notebook laptop is that notebooks are sleeker and more lightweight. They tend to have screens less than 15 inches, and weigh less than 5lbs, whereas laptops can quite easily exceed this. This means they’re much easier to carry around, perfect for somebody on the go.

However, this also means there are limits on RAM. Most notebooks carry up to 4GB, which is fine for low power functions, but if you’re looking for something that will need to keep up with lots of processing, you’ll need a high-powered laptop. Knowing what kind of things you’ll be doing, and thus what amount of RAM you’ll ideally need, will help you pinpoint whether a notebook laptop is the one for you.

Gaming Laptops

With gaming laptops, the clue is in the name – they’re built for playing high spec games and are ideal for people who want a laptop that’s both work and play. But many people gloss over them because they aren’t gamers or don’t plan on playing any video games, which could be a huge mistake.

The specs of a gaming laptop ultimately make it what it is – most come with at least 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, though can often exceed both of these, especially the newer models. This means they can run demanding games with relative ease so there’s no lag or long wait times.

However, this makes it ideal for other high-demand processes, meaning for individuals looking for quick, smooth processing of even the most complicated of tasks, a gaming laptop could be ideal. Doing your research into gaming laptops and opting for the best quality and makes such as Lenovo Gaming Laptops means that you can do whatever you want on your laptop with ease and speed.

Touch Screen Laptop

Touch screen laptops are relatively new but have revolutionized the way people interact with technology. The Touch screens are the ideal addition to laptops and can make your projects and tasks a lot easier. For example, it can often be much easier to write notes by hand than by typing, especially if you’re not a quick typist. Having a stylus pen can mean you can scribble notes down easily to save on your laptop, which you can then go back and review or edit if you wanted.

This is ideal for students, work meetings, and creating art, as it gives you much more flexibility than a mouse and keyboard. However, it’s worth factoring in that touch screens can often have more gloss or shine than your average laptop screen. This can cause a lot of glare and reduce your visibility, meaning you may struggle if you are using it outside or in a brightly lit area. This is worth bearing in mind if you plan on using your laptop on the go!

There you have it – three types of laptop with very different advantages. Whether you need a high-powered gaming laptop, a lightweight notebook, or a versatile touch screen laptop, hopefully you can now decide which laptop would be best suited to you.

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