Creating a mobile app from scratch is a process that can either take a couple of hours or a couple of months of hard work.

The results, of course, will vary accordingly.

Now, the maxim of ‘If you want something done well, do it yourself.’ is a particularly attractive one when it comes to materializing your brainchild and seeing it grow, so to speak.

That said, this may not necessarily always be the best course of action when it comes to developing a good-looking and well-functioning mobile app.

With global mobile app consumer spending reaching over $100 billion for App Store and Google Play purchases, mobile apps represent a force to be reckoned with in the worldwide market.

So, creating a new one for an already well-saturated market means mustering your best creative brain waves and expertise.

Sometimes, outsourcing some of the work to a team of creative people with a proven track record can be the best money you’ve ever spent. This is particularly true of entrepreneurs and small and big-business owners alike, who don’t have much time on their hands.

In this article, we’re going to talk about the benefits of outsourcing mobile app development and how to do it in a smart and methodical way to get the best results.

Without further ado, here’s the deal.

The Benefits Of App Development Outsourcing

If you’re a perfectionist and if you’re proud of what you’ve accomplished in your business ventures, delegating tasks can be difficult.

The feeling of missing out on the creative part of the process or of the end product veering too far away from what you imagined initially can be quite overwhelming.

That said, if you can get over that hurdle, you will learn that there is a massive pool of talented people out there that can make your life considerably easier.

While it may take some trial and error, finding the right people to cooperate with can pay off massively, both in the short and long run.

Here are some of the most important benefits of outsourcing app development:

High-Tech Solutions

The technological markets nowadays are growing exponentially with a massive pool of new apps that are released every day.

Other than the number of apps increasing, the ways in which they are made are also regularly updated. New computing languages are being invented, the old ones are getting updated, and staying on top of it all – you pretty much need to be a programmer yourself.

With all due respect, if you don’t have time to hone your programming skills on a daily basis, your ability to create an app that would answer the expectations of a modern-day audience will not be that great.

A team of professional programmers, on the other hand, will know all the latest tricks to make your app quickly, efficiently, and in a way that makes it attractive to the end user.

Creativity and Innovation

Sometimes all you have is a starting idea that you know would solve a problem that your customers have. (Which is pretty much the prerequisite for the app to be useful in the first place.)

This is where a great development team can showcase their expertise in the best possible way.

The thing is, delegating to an app development team does not only mean getting the bare-bones menus and logos done.

Depending on what your requirements are, the graphic designers in the team can breathe new life into your app by giving it a special appearance with all sorts of cool visual effects.

Reduced Costs

Working with a tightly-knit team of people you’ve known for years surely beats hanging out with some overseas folks on Skype and hoping the thing isn’t glitching at the time of your conversation.

With that said, the cost of having an app development team that’s embedded with your company can be way higher than what you’d pay for outsourced work.

Unless you’re a company that specializes in app development, having a team sit around all day only to get an app development task every once in a blue moon is just not worth it.

This is all the truer if you’re based in a big city where rent costs are high and everyone is forced to charge an arm and a leg for even the simplest of apps.

Outsourcing, on the other hand, gives you the option to find talented folks from across the world that would complete your project quickly – and for a fraction of the cost of an in-house development team.

Speedy App Development

Hiring people that will be a part of your work culture and that you will see in the office every day is justifiably a time-consuming process.

After all, you don’t want to end up having to walk past a grumpy co-worker every day until retirement.

When outsourced app development is in question, hiring developers or teams of developers is a quicker process.

Of course, it’s entirely necessary to vet these new people, but getting from nothing to having a functional app can certainly be a much quicker process with a well-versed team that you’ve hired.

Tips For Successful App Outsourcing

Concocting the best mobile app development RFP that you can come up with would certainly be one of the most crucial parts of the outsourcing process.

The great thing about making such a document is that it gets rid of confusion and stress related to communicating your ideas to the potential developers right off the bat.

There are some other important pieces of information that this document should contain that will help you ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.

Here are some of the benefits of a well-concocted RFP:

Project Budget

Coming up with an RFP can help you limit your budget and cut off unnecessary costs before you’ve even started the hiring process.

By weeding out straight off the bat the candidates you don’t think answer your needs, you’re both saving time and money that you would have otherwise wasted.

Of course, a quick Skype interview doesn’t need any setup other than a mic and perhaps a camera.

Saving Time

As we said above, one of the worst things about getting a new app development team to make your app would be the onboarding.

Just finding the perfect candidates can be a pain in the neck.

An RFP, with its solid format and clear instructions, will let the potential cooperation candidates know exactly what you want – thus, giving them and yourself some precious time.


All in all, app development may come across at first as a daunting task that you need to pour hundreds upon hundreds of working hours into.

If you were to do it yourself, of course, this would likely be true.

That said, outsourcing such a massive task to a team of professionals who can do it quickly, efficiently, and for a reasonable price is certainly a fantastic solution to take into consideration.

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